Local Absorbers

The system, which is named together with the Local Suction System, is a 3-arm acrobat tip exhaust evacuation system that is moved right-left, back-and-forth, up and down on the counter.
Local suction handles mounted on a countertop or not used according to the system have 3 articulated arms. Moving to joints as well as distress and desired positioning.

Local Air Suction Arm (Ceiling type Q: 75 mm, Fumex) Local Air Intake Arm (Wall type Q: 75 mm, Fumex)

Dimension: Q: 75mm L: 150cm
Polypropylene joints that can rotate 360 degrees and move easily.
Suction pipes and mounting feet are anodized aluminum.
Hooded head for effective suction.
The hood is transparent PC plastic.
Fan motor and chimney connection hose are excluded.

Local Air Intake Arm Mounting Set (Q: Motor and Flex Hose for 75 mm Included)


  • Fan motor is resistant to chemical vapors, silent running (190m3 / h 18W 220V).
    Power supply cable (3 × 2,5 mm).
    Chemical-resistant plastic flexible flue connection hose (Q: 100mm).
    One way air clap.
    Metal clamp, screw etc.