Steril Kabin

Sterile cabinets are the October Cabins which are often used in the Microbiology departments of Food Laboratories. The body of the device and all panels are made of galvanized sheet and painted with anti acid epoxy paint and baked at 200 degrees. The surface of the work table is 304 quality stainless steel. The side parts are fixed safety glass.
The sterile cabinet is a device that protects the work area and the environment from biological contamination. Manufactured to protect both the product and the user. Sterile cabinets produced for your microbiological studies are in different types and characteristics according to your working standards. There is one 15 watt UW fluorescence for pre-sterilization in the system. The design of the UV fluorescence is such that it will not come into contact with the eye. The front of the unit is equipped with an electronic control unit mounted on the cover. There is a digital display and control buttons on the board.
Dimension: 130x70x220h or 70x70x220h
Type: CLASS II vertical flow system 0.90 mm galvanized sheet with electrostatic powder paint
Working surface: 304 Stainless steel
Feet: 40 x 40 profile construction 18mm MDF curtains. Two 99.9% effective HEPA filters 1 unit 15 Watt UV lamp, 1 unit Luminaires The windshield is 6mm thick with counter weight system Duct type imported fan 1040 m3 1 earthed socket 1 gas spout Time clock showing HEPA filter life