Tube Cabinets

Tube cupboards are cupboards used for the preservation of industrial tubes in laboratory areas.
The body block and covers of the tube cabinets are manufactured from DKP sheet with a thickness of 1 mm.
There are two holes at least 6 cm in diameter on the top of the cabinet for connection from the tube to the outside.
Wardrobe completely; Sides, backs and covers are manufactured as double-walled, and glass wool fiber is placed between them for thermal insulation.
Under the cabinet there is a pingo made of hard plastic that will lead to imbalance in the room.
The entire tube cupboard is painted with electrostatic powder paint and fired at 200 degrees. The paint thickness is at least 60 microns.
The bottom part of the body block is a special base system and a ramp with a thickness of at least 2 mm is attached to this base. The ramp provides convenience for placing the tubes inside the cupboard.
There is a chain in the cabinet for fixing the tube. The chain can be adjusted according to the size of the tube.
Tube Cabinet Metal Heat Insulated
Measured: 50x50x180h or 50x50x90h
Single door, Locked, Heat-insulated